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Windsor Development Group

Developing Residential Neighborhoods 

Windsor Development Group is committed to offering a complete turnkey solution for developing residential neighborhoods.  We specialize in affordable homes for not-for-profit organizations and housing authorities.  When creating a unique design for any neighborhood, practicality and attractiveness are at the top of our list.  We are committed to beautifying neighborhoods and providing homes that residents are proud to live in!

Our team understands that the process of developing a neighborhood can be complex and overwhelming, and our goal is to make this endeavor less intimidating by offering decades of experience not only in construction, but in development, design, and financing.  When you enter into a project with Windsor, we will work with you and for you from the first financial discussions to the final key exchange. We coordinate the details and keep a constant line of communication open with you. 

Our most sought after services include: 

 Land Location Financing Construction Clean, Quality, Not-for-profit Housing Development
 Planning Development



Sometimes the only thing that separates a great development vision from reality is the need for financing—that's where Windsor comes in.  We have the tools and expertise to help your project move forward.  Our team understands the nuances of:

  • Bank financing
  • Working with investors
  • State and federal agency financing
  • IHDA
  • HUD
  • CDBG
  • HOME
  • Trust Funds
  • DCEO Energy Grants

Best of all, we can coordinate your financing from A to Z, handling all of the details and communicating with you every step of the way to select and secure the best finance option. 

Windsor Home Builders

Creating Not Just a House, But a Home  

Windsor Homes, Inc. is the area's premier choice for affordable and quality home construction projects.  We work side by side with each client to build custom homes with a personal touch that is unbeatable in our area.  And because it's Windsor Homes, clients can expect a home that is affordable, practical, and beautiful.  We are proud to say that you will work with our team from start to finish and you will not experience the disjointed nature of dealing with separate companies.  Take a look at our gallery to see just a few home visions that became reality with the help of Windsor Homes.

Commercial Construction

Working with you to ensure a quality development

Windsor Commercial Construction is unmatched in its commitment to providing the highest quality and service.  Regardless of the scope of the project, be it large or small, our team works closely with a customer to ensure an enjoyable experience and superior quality.  We understand that any commercial project is an investment—our goal is to make sure that this investment will enhance your business and increase value while staying within a development budget.  Whether it's new construction, a remodeling project, or a build out, we take the time to develop a plan that will meet your needs and we use a team of experts and quality materials to ensure your project will last a lifetime.